We provide a range of options to suit your colocation requirements.

Our World-Class Tier IV data centre currently houses 170 3kW and 5kW racks in module one.

Our Tier IV certification ensures that our facility meets the highest industry standards for uptime and reliability.

Colocation allows businesses to share infrastructure and reduce costs while still maintaining control over their own equipment.

A pod of 30 or 50 racks available for individual clients

Carrier Neutrality

Affordable carrier-neutral data centre solutions for business with freedom of choice, maximum flexibility, reliability and affordability

Access to multiple cable operators, telcos, ISPs and IP Transit operators, offering capacity at varying prices and redundancy.

Cross connect to your business partners for secure connections.

Cloud and Content

Experience efficient delivery, scalability and reliability with our optimised cloud and content distribution solutions.

International cloud services providers enable compliance with data sovereignty laws and ensure customers can meet their varying requirements and spread their workloads across multiple providers.

Cloud and content distribution allows businesses to deliver their content and services more efficiently and with greater scalability.


Peering allows networks to directly connect and exchange traffic, improving communication and reducing IP transit costs.

By peering with other networks, businesses can improve the performance of their internet services and access new content and services.

Multiple IX exchanges provide redundancy and resiliency ensuring that there are multiple paths for traffic to travel between networks, improving latency.

Our team of experts can work with you to determine the best peering options for your business and ensure a smooth and seamless connection.

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