Sustainable Practices at
Onix Data Centre

At Onix Data Centre in Accra, we're committed to green energy, powered by our 2,200-panel solar farm. This eco-friendly choice reduces our carbon footprint, lowers our energy costs, and ensures a scalable energy solution as we grow. Additionally, we meet all our water needs sustainably using ground water and reverse osmosis.

Commitment to a
Greener Future

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Committed to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy.

CO2 reduction

Solar Power

Our Solar Farm

State-of-the-art solar farm installed, generating 640 kW of clean and green power.


Responsible Water Usage

Advanced reverse osmosis system treats and reuses underground water for domestic purposes and washing solar panels, minimizing consumption.


Ethical Waste Return

All waste is responsibly returned to the ground.


Intelligent Cooling

Our cooling system has been optimized to adapt to our low IT load, utilizing only two out of six 104 kW CRAC units, minimizing unnecessary energy usage.


Setting New Standards

At Onix DC, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's an integral part of our operations, setting new standards for environmentally conscious businesses.

Join us on our journey
towards a sustainable future

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